How Long Should You Practice Guitar a Day?

How Long Should You Practice Guitar A Day?

When you decide to start learning the guitar, numerous questions go through your head. Like how long does it take before you understand notes and chords? Will you ever be able to play a full melody without stopping mid-way? How many hours of practice do I need? 

Frankly, the last question should be the primary question in your head because, without practice, you’ll never fully grasp the wonders of the guitar.

So how long should you practice guitar a day? 

For beginners that are entirely new to the guitar, a minimum of 15 minutes every day is fine. Depending on your forecasted goals, it could be higher, but it shouldn’t exceed 4 hours.

The act of guitar practice is a whole world of its own, and there are so many things you’ll need to know in addition to practice timing. Here we’ll explore some common tips and tricks for guitar practice. You’ll find these tips helpful in your learning process.

Things to Know Before You Start Practicing the Guitar

Things To Know Before You Start Practicing The Guitar

There are different reasons why people learn the guitar. These reasons will often define the effort and time they put into the instrument. So before you start learning the guitar, outline your goals. These are some of the common reasons why people learn the guitar.

  • Some people learn the guitar as a hobby. They don’t plan on playing professionally; they want to enjoy themselves and probably earn some bragging rights. 
  • Some fell in love with a particular guitar track and want to be able to recreate it. They aim to learn a song or two on the guitar, and they’re done.
  • Some have a passion for teaching, and they want to learn so that they can disperse the knowledge. This set of people is not aiming to be experts. They just want to master the basics and share them with the world.
  • Some have dreams of playing in a band or becoming a rockstar. They want to tour the world with their favorite guitar and create melodies the world will vibe to.
  • The last set of people see the instrument as the body of art and want to dedicate their time to studying it. These people want to master the guitar and everything about it fully.

Your intentions for learning the guitar will determine the amount of time you’ll spend practicing. Below we’ll discuss the above goals and the practice time required to fulfill them.

Editor’s Comment

90% of people who try to learn the guitar quit in their first year. Learning the guitar has to do more with dedication and consistency than anything else.

How Long Should You Practice Guitar a Day? 

How Long Should You Practice Guitar A Day? 

When learning the guitar, the most important thing is consistency. Pick a good practice pattern and stick with it; you’ll reap your rewards in due time. You don’t need to spend many hours every day picking strings or studying notes; you just need to be consistent.


If you plan on learning the guitar as a hobby or a mode of enjoyment, you would be looking at 15 – 30 minutes every day. These practice sessions can come at any time in the day and should be done five times a week. If you can maintain consistency, you should start enjoying playing in your 4th – 6th month.

Learning a Song

For those looking to learn a particular song or two on the guitar, an average of 10 minutes a day is perfect. With five sessions every week, you’ll be playing that song in approximately 30 days. If you properly learned the chords on the first song, the second song will take a shorter time to grasp.

Aspiring Tutors

Are you aiming to become a guitar tutor? You must have seen how lucrative the market is or just have a passion for teaching and guitars, either way, you’ll have to give an hour every day to the cause. Although five sessions a week might be ok, you’ll get better results with 7. If you are consistent, one to two years is enough to make you a confident guitar tutor who can teach the basics.

Aspiring Rockstars

Do you have dreams of being a rockstar? Forming or joining a band and touring the world with them? If yes, you’ll have to put a lot of time into practice. Anything short of 1-2 hours daily, seven days a week, will not be enough. There has to be a great deal of commitment and patience from you. You’ll need to take everything gently while maintaining consistency.

In 2 years, you would be done and fully ready to play for any band on the planet, even The Beatles! (Just kidding, but who knows, right?)

Becoming a Master

Lastly, complete mastering the guitar will take a great deal of your time. You would be looking to give 3-4 hours daily and at least five sessions a week. Also, fully understanding everything about the guitar might take you a decade or more. 

Why You Shouldn’t Practice for More Than 4 Hours a Day 

Some might read this and think that if four hours of practice can help me master the guitar in a decade, eight hours will help me do it in five years. Pretty smart, right? But no, you’re mistaken, and we’ll tell you why.

Firstly, you’ll already be mentally and physically fatigued by the time you pass the fourth-hour mark. That will lead to you practicing with bad techniques to try and meet up, and in actuality, this is worst than no practice.

Secondly, you might lose interest in practicing and find difficulty picking the guitar up later. No one wants to do something they don’t enjoy, don’t push yourself to the level where the guitar becomes tiring to you.

Lastly, you might develop pains in your hands and back. An irregularity that affects other areas of your life too.

The Bottom Line

Learning an instrument like the guitar is no easy feat. It takes dedication and consistency in practice to attain your goal. 

Hours spent practicing the guitar are based on the reason for learning, but generally, 15 – 30 minutes daily is decent for beginners and some pros. Just ensure you’re doing it right and be consistent; the results will come!