Which End of the Guitar Strap Goes Where? (Answered)

Which End Of Guitar Strap Goes Where?

Owning a guitar and not having a guitar strap is quite awkward. A guitar strap is as essential for a guitarist as water is for fish. However, have you ever wondered which end of the guitar strap goes where? It is what remains unanswered a lot. Many guitarists find them confused when attaching a strap to the guitar. So, how would you find the right side of your guitar strap?

To find the right side of your guitar strap, look for the adjustable buckle. The side buckle is close to, is the bottom of your strap. Along with it, you can check the thickness of each side of the strap, and it would help you know which part of the guitar strap goes where.

However, if you want to know everything in detail, here is the article to follow. Below, we will elaborate on everything about the proper ends of guitar straps and how to attach them perfectly to your guitar.

The Thickness of Guitar Strap

Ask your guitarist friend about the right side of the guitar strap, and they will ask you to check the thickness of its ends. But, how on earth will the thickness of the strap define its sides? To keep things simple, if you have a guitar strap, you will see that one side of the strap is slightly thicker than the other one.

You need to attach the thinner side to the bottom knob of the guitar and the thicker one to the other knob. But, what is the science behind it?

Precisely, most of the bottom strap knobs are the input jacks of the guitar too. So, the strap manufacturers make one side of the strap a bit thinner so that you can inject the jack-to-jack cable with ease.

Moreover, the top knob of the guitar is the part where you put more pressure while playing. So, even if you have a separate input jack, you need to attach the thinner part of the strap to the bottom knob. If not done this way, there are chances of your strap breaking down.

Attaching the Strap on a Single Knob Guitar

When I got my first guitar almost a decade ago, I only had a single peg. I was too confused about how I would attach a guitar strap to my single peg guitar. It took me too much time to know what to do, but actually, there are super simple ways to do it.

The best you can do is get an extra knob from the market and affix it to your guitar.

However, if you’re an absolute beginner and cannot attach an extra knob, we have your back.

You need to get a thick thread or a string and pass it through one end of your guitar strap. Attach one end to the bottom knob of your guitar and tie the thread onto the headstock of your guitar underneath the strings.

This is something I tried, and it worked well for me. However, you must remember that this is not a permanent solution, and you need to install a proper knob on your guitar. Using a thread is slightly risky as it gradually cuts through the strap and mitigates strap life.

Can I Attach My Guitar Strap Upside Down?

For me, you can attach your guitar strap the way it suits you best. However, I personally can never wear a guitar with an upside-down strap. There are reasons behind it and let me enlighten you about them.

First, if you attach the guitar strap upside down and you have a built-in input jack in your guitar knob, it would be hard to connect a jack-to-jack cable. Second, the buckle will rest on your shoulder when you attach a guitar strap upside down.

So, would you like to have a disturbing buckle on your shoulder when you play? At least I don’t.

However, if you are comfortable attaching a guitar strap upside down, there is nothing bad in it. If you feel comfortable and satisfied, you are good to attach the guitar strap the way you want.


Above there’s a thorough guide about attaching the guitar strap the right way. It’s the thickness of a guitar strap that determines which end is the right one for each side. We have tried to include everything you need to know about attaching the guitar strap correctly and hope that this article was helpful to you. However, if you are still confused, do not hesitate to hit us up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my acoustic guitar have only one strap knob?

The reason behind acoustic guitars having one strap knob is their big body. When compared to electric guitars, acoustic guitars have a big body. So, it would be a bit hard to play if you have the second strap knob of the body. Therefore, you only get one strap knob, and the other side of the strap is meant to be tied to the headstock.

Are leather straps good to have?

Indeed, leather straps are good to have. Leather straps are long-lasting, waterproof, fire-resistant, resist fungal growth, and above all, their size never changes with age. Overall, leather straps are the best type of guitar straps that you may have.