Ukulele vs. Acoustic Guitar: Which Is Best for Beginners? 

Ukulele Vs. Acoustic Guitar

Are you having a problem considering between the best ukulele buying guide for beginners and best acoustic guitar buying guide for a beginner?  Worry no more.  We review on the guideline on the best instrument to use for beginner between ukulele and acoustic guitar.

As the saying goes, “cute people play the ukulele while cool people play guitar.” The question is between ukulele and acoustic guitar, which one is easy for a beginner?

Before even getting into comparing, let me clear some of the things. If easier means getting to know to play in the shortest time possible with the least effort, then ukulele will be the answer.

Ukulele versus Acoustic Guitar 

If one wants to become a proficient instrument player, it takes time and effort. But with ukulele, most of the beginners can make music after two days or three of practice. However, this is just prejudice and opinionated.

First Impression

Playing these two instruments can bring fun in different ways. The sound of the guitar is flexible while the sound of ukulele is vibrant. The sound produced by ukulele is much brighter and brings on a happier atmosphere. However, because ukulele lacks depth of sound, a beginner may not get the right sound.

The first impression is related to how easy a beginner can play an instrument.  When a beginner is impressed playing ukulele over a guitar, then it will be easier for them to learn ukulele than guitar. The interest will be stronger, and the result will be easier.

The Notes and Fret-Boards

Ukulele is a four-string instrument, while acoustic guitar is six-string instruments. Simplicity seems to be more comfortable. The scale of ukulele is four strings. Its scale is shorter to deal with. With ukulele, there is no need to know how to learn notes, which is not possible with a guitar. However, for someone who likes more stings and large fret, a guitar will be the instrument to practice. 

Chord Forming

Comparing ukulele with guitar, which has four strings and relatively low tension. It will be easier to form a chord using ukulele than using a guitar. Besides, ukulele has nylon strings which are soft to hold with figures while a guitar has steel strings. For starters, it is hard to hold the guitar strings and form a chord.

Moreover, for ukulele, you only need one or two figures to form a chord. It only takes a few minutes to get acquainted with G7, F and C chord using ukulele that playing guitar. Guitar chords are more complicated and hard to find.


The size of the instruments is another consideration for beginners. Ukulele is tiny and easy for a beginner to practice with as compared to guitar size. However, the biggest size of ukulele is smaller than the standard guitar. Thus, practicing with ukulele is much easier.

Ukulele is portable and can be carried everywhere as opposed to guitar. You can practice ukulele anywhere you like. The portability of the instrument makes it practicable by a beginner. Ukulele is easier to practice with due to its size.

Strumming Pattern

For strumming pattern, ukulele is known for its ability to easy to play. Ukulele can be played as a lead instrument because of its melodic sound. As for its four strings, it is easier to form strumming techniques with ukulele. However, with a guitar which has six strings, you require more strings to be able to control its sound.

Easy to Play Songs

Another reason that makes ukulele easy to be play for beginners is that you can find a lot of songs which are easy to play. With a few basic chords, you can play a simple song with ukulele as opposed to guitar, which needs you to learn more chords.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the final answer for ukulele versus acoustic guitar, which one is easier for a beginner? Ukulele is easier for a beginner as compared to acoustic guitar. But as a beginner, don’t be put off by this finding, explore the two instruments yourself and find which one is easier for you. You may end up getting interested in playing more chords of guitar than playing fewer codes of ukulele. Loving the instrument is what makes it easy to play.