How To Get Better at Guitar

How To Get Better At Guitar

Whenever you pick up your guitar, you want to play and solo wonderfully like the professionals, but you don’t feel the vibes when playing. You can sense your motivation draining down and that you need to improve your playing style, but you don’t know-how.

In this article, we will guide you on how to get better at guitar and how to get into the right mindset to master the instrument.

To get better at playing guitar, you have to change your approach to learning. You have to change how you practice, set the desired goal for your practice, and have a strong desire to learn. As an emphasis, only a focused approach will work.

This article will explore steps and tips that you need to know and practice to get better at guitar.

Be Dynamic in Your Practice

You need to bring new methods and ideas into your practice to get better when playing guitar. It means that you can’t continue with the same approach you’ve already gone for and expect a different result. Some things you must do involve changing your mindset and your routine.

Set Time for Your Practice Every Day

If you don’t have a set time for your practice each day, you will get tired and fed up with the instrument. The advantage of having a set time is that you will be able to accomplish the major task in a relatively short time. You will also be serious with the practice since you know that you have a limited time. It will also assist in learning new things step by step, and it also encourages follow-up in future practice.

Learn New Skills and Techniques

To get better at playing the instrument, you have to learn new skills. But it’s also important to understand that you can’t know it all in a day. The best way to master all these skills is to devote enough time to learning. There will always come a new style for playing the instruments, especially the guitar. Therefore, you need to devote your time to learning each day to catch up with other players.

Stop Doing the Same Thing All Over

Avoid practicing the same thing over and over again every day. It may be your favorite style, song, solo, or beat. But you have to avoid doing this because you won’t have enough time to learn some new skills.

Always Differentiate Between Fun and Practice

Yeah! It’s fun to solo and play what you like the most on guitar. Who doesn’t want to have fun? But doing what you want, playing what you like, your loved songs every day is not practicing, it is having fun. By doing this, you can’t acquire new skills. Don’t be stuck in between pleasure and practice.

Be Yourself

You may have a role model, a professional guitarist to whom you’ve looked up the whole time, or someone whose playing inspired you to learn the instrument. It could be an excellent way to start learning their style and technique. But at the end of the day, you will always be you, and you can only develop the playing style that suits you.

Challenge Yourself

The best way to improve is to practice new things, mostly what you think you can’t do. By challenging yourself, you are pushing yourself to learn. Part of the benefits is that your desire to learn the instrument will increase, and you won’t be limiting yourself.

Build a Solid Foundation

Guitar Practice

How can you ensure that you have a solid foundation so that you will take on any challenge or master a new style in no time? You can do this by following these five great tips.


A scale is a series of notes played one at a time in ascending or descending fashion.

To play very well as a guitarist, you need to master scales in guitar. There are 12 scales above the guitar. Examples are minor pentatonic scale, major scale, Dorian, Diatomic, and Diminished scale. These scales can be used for a specific style and type of music.


To improve yourself on the instrument, you need to master both the open and the Barre chords. Knowing these two chords very well makes you a professional guitar player. The Barre chord is played using one finger, while an open chord includes at least one open string.

Music Theory 

Your sound understanding of music will help you dive deeper into music in all forms. It gives you the opportunity for creativity which is very important when playing as a guitarist.


When playing, using this technique adds a distinct sound to your playing as a guitarist. It can be used as a style signature, and also it can make your playing sound more professional.

Finger Exercise 

Performing these exercises will improve your finger dexterity and ability to stretch. The exercises will also speed up how quickly you can earn complicated riffs or solos.

Ways You Can Use To Improve Your Practice Habits

To assist you in solving your confusion about how your practice will make you get better at guitar, we will provide you with some possible tips you can use.

Practice With the Right Material

To recognize the suitable material you need to practice, you must understand your problem. Understanding what you need to improve will help you find the material for your practice. Not finding the suitable material needed for practice for a long time leads to no improvement and getting bored of the guitar.

Practice With Purpose 

Always have a set goal when you are practicing. Note that having multiple goals can lead to loading up a bunch of information that will only generate confusion.

Whenever you practice, you will likely find styles you do not yet recognize, and they can make you feel anxious. To avoid facing such situations, we recommend that you always have a specific goal for each time you practice.

Always Practice the Basics 

The best way of improving yourself is to practice the basics from time to time, regardless of how many years you’ve been playing. Not doing this can have a negative impact on your playing.

Play with Inspiration

This is the best way of improving your playing style. To get inspired to become a better guitar player, you need to listen to songs, especially the guitar solos. Listening to music can help you recognize new techniques and inspire you to learn them.


Playing rhythm is very important for all guitarists especially lead players. To play rhythm, you need to have the basic knowledge of chord progression, strumming, and muting.


In this article, we explored how to get better at playing guitar. You can improve your playing style by changing how you practice, constantly learning new things, challenging yourself, and having strong determination.

We recommend that you follow the instructions listed in this article to improve your playing guitar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my guitar skills? 

As an average guitar player, you can improve your skill by dedicating your time to practice, using a metronome, playing guitar every day, and practicing scales.

What is the fastest way to get good at guitar?

The fastest ways to learn and master the guitar fast are to practice in the ideal learning environment, practice regularly, be patient, and constantly try to find inspiration to pick up the instrument and play.