What To Do With Old Guitar Strings? (Top Creative Uses)

What To Do With Old Guitar Strings?

The essence of a guitar string is to vibrate and produce a specific musical note. The strings are supported by the body and other parts of a guitar to make it whole.

With time, these guitar strings can lose their form since they stretch, wear out and lose the ability to hold tension. This doesn’t mean that the old guitar strings are useless, which leaves the question of what to do with old guitar strings.

Old guitar strings have several uses, and they range from recycling, jewelry, arts to charity. Old guitars improve with age, but it doesn’t happen with the strings. Over time, they begin to sound dull and break. Most strings are made of steel, stainless steel, or brass. These are recyclable metals and can be melted into new metal alloys.

Instead of throwing away your old guitar strings, there are other functions it can perform. Although, the strings might be considered useless on a guitar.

In this article, we will be taking you through different uses of old guitar strings. We will also describe several techniques applied to old guitar strings.

Creative Uses for Old Guitar Strings

Creative Uses For Old Guitar Strings

Guitarists change their strings frequently. Some change them every two weeks, once a month, while others take months.

The frequent change is because old guitar strings can lose shape, tuning stability, and freshness. When this happens, the strings lose the ability to function correctly.

Here are some ways to make use of old guitar strings;


It is not a new concept to recycle old products. This reduces wastage and provides a way for old items to become helpful in a new dimension.

Instead of cutting your guitar strings, it is advisable to remove them. They can be put in recycling bins, although not every country has this option. With climate change and global warming, this is an excellent way to preserve the environment.


Nothing is too small or too big to be donated. The strings can be used at a local art school for arts and crafts.

The old guitar strings can be presented to poor musicians who cannot afford to get new strings. They might not be helpful to you, but there is a chance that someone out there would find them valuable.

You can also join events and contribute to the musical instrument production facilities.

Playback Programs

There are playback programs like D’Addario’s that exchange two or more pounds of old strings for points. These points can be used for new guitar strings and other products from the company.

This system is also restricted to certain areas, but the old guitar strings can be shipped with the modernized logistics system.

Making Jewelry

If you are on the creative side, you can turn these old guitar strings into bracelets, earrings, rings, and more.

It is not unheard of for rock artists to turn their old guitar strings into bracelets. Sometimes, they are sold for charity purposes. You can make jewelry pieces and give them out to children, family, and friends.

Hang Pictures On The Wall

The strings can be used for hanging pictures on the wall since they are tough and don’t break easily. All you will have to do is watch some DIY videos on Youtube, and in no time, you’ll be able to design the old spring into a picture hanger.

This process will save you the extra cost of buying a new picture hanger.

How To Fix Old Guitar Strings 

How To Fix Old Guitar Strings

Some techniques can be used to make old guitar strings useful again. This process may not make them sound as good as new strings, but they would sound better than in their previous state.

They are:

  • Boiling: Corroded old guitar strings can be reused by boiling the strings in water. This removes the stain and corrosion on them.
  • Aluminum Wrapping: You can wrap the old guitar string in aluminum foil and put it in an oven to eliminate all the grime.
  • Cleaning: Always use fine steel wool to clean the strings after boiling or heating. The strings are metal which means they are prone to rust when exposed to water.


Throwing away old guitar strings doesn’t help anyone. It only adds to waste and the never-ending challenge of climate change. The old guitar strings might seem inconsequential, but you’d be surprised at the number of strings you will see during recycling.

Do not underestimate old guitar strings because most guitar manufacturing companies use metals to make their strings, and metals are highly recyclable.

These strings can be made into new guitar strings and other objects after melting. This is a good practice, and it helps maintain improvements to climate change.

This could be your chance to contribute your quota to protecting the earth’s ozone layer and add joy to other people’s lives through donations and other practices mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What were old guitar strings made of?

Animal intestines and nylon strings.

What happens when guitar strings get old?

The strings become challenging to play as they start to become dull. The strings could also break easily.