Where Are Gibson Guitars Made? (Updated 2022)

Where Are Gibson Guitars Made?

Gibson is one of the leading giants in the guitar industry. Over the years, the company has manufactured some of the best guitars in the world. Its reputation for producing high-quality guitars has survived multiple generations. 

This brings us to the popular question; where are Gibson guitars made? 

Founded in 1894, Gibson is a world-famous guitar manufacturing company located in the USA. Gibson became famous for producing some of the most iconic electric guitars in history. To answer your curiosity, Gibson Guitars are made exclusively in the United States. They have factories in Bozeman, Montana, and Nashville, Tennessee. 

Gibson guitars need no introduction. They stand out with a high-quality tone and design. In this guide, you will see an in-depth breakdown of where Gibson guitars are made.

The History of Gibson Brands

The History Of Gibson Brands

Gibson Brands, Inc. is an American manufacturer of musical instruments like guitars. They produce professional audio equipment in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This guitar company, formerly known as Gibson Guitar Corporation, is now based in Nashville, Tennessee.

They acquired the name “Gibson Brands, Inc.” on June 11, 2013. The founder, Orville Gibson, started making musical instruments already in 1894. He’s popularly known for constructing the archtop guitars. By the 1930s, the company had started producing flat-top acoustic guitars as well.

Gibson builds some of the world’s best-known guitars, played by the world’s best guitarists. From hollow-body electric guitars to excellent acoustic guitars, Gibson is determined to be at the forefront of guitar manufacturing for years to come.

Detailed Breakdown of Where Gibson Guitars Are Made

All versions of Gibson guitars are made in the United States. However, specific Gibson guitar models are manufactured in different factories. Gibson Acoustic Models are manufactured in Bozeman, Montana. While Gibson Electric Guitars are manufactured in Nashville, Tennessee.

Back in the day, Gibson’s semi-hollow and hollow guitars were produced in a factory located in Memphis. Unfortunately, the factory in Memphis was closed down when Gibson filed for bankruptcy in 2018. All production of these guitars has been moved to Nashville.

Since then, the company has restructured its operations and is now dedicated to making guitars that everyone loves. Some of the world’s pioneering players like Jimmy Page and Peter Frampton have produced music with Gibson guitars. This is a sign of how loved their guitars are in the industry. 

Gibson is now paving the way for an era of modern music with its collections of unique guitars.

Some of the best Gibson guitars include;

  • Gibson Les Paul Guitars,
  • Gibson SG Guitars,
  • Gibson ES Guitars,
  • Gibson Designer.

All these electric guitars are categorized by body style. Gibson also offers collections of modern, original, and exclusive guitars. They also have a custom shop that is the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship. The sound excellence of Gibson guitars reiterates its legacy and authenticity. Which is also the reason why the Gibson guitars are that expensive.

Explore the Collections

Some of the best Gibson guitars include Gibson Les Paul and Gibson SG and the Gibson ES collection of guitars. You should explore these collections to find your dream Gibson guitar.


Gibson is a trendsetter when it comes to manufacturing guitars. Some of their best designs, like Gibson SG and Gibson Les Paul, have inspired other guitar brands to manufacture guitars that look similar in style and construction. Almost everyone in the music industry knows about Gibson guitars, but many still don’t know where their guitars are manufactured.

In short, all Gibson guitars are made in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gibson guitars made in China?

Authentic Gibson guitars are not made in China. They are made in the United States, and a logo stamp indicates this on all their products. When you see a stamp on a Gibson that states otherwise, it must be a counterfeit.

Where are Gibson products made?

Gibson products are manufactured from a fifty thousand square feet warehouse in Houston, Texas. They specialize in manufacturing flanges, buttweld fittings, forged pressure fittings, etc.

Why are Gibson guitars one of the best guitars?

Gibson guitars pride themselves on producing guitars with super quality. Their guitars feature a distinctive tone, solid body, and high-quality manufacturing standards. These features combine to make Gibson guitars the preferred musical instrument for guitarists worldwide.