Where Are Yamaha Guitars Made? (Updated 2022)

Where Are Yamaha Guitars Made?

You walk into your favorite music store and head straight for the guitar section. You’ve decided that you want a Yamaha guitar. But as you browse the selection of Yamaha guitars, you can’t help but wonder – where are Yamaha guitars made?

Yamaha is a Japanese company, so you would expect their guitars to be made in Japan. And while many of their guitars are indeed made in Japan, Yamaha also has factories in various other countries, including the US, China, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

Yamaha is known for producing high-quality instruments, and they have a team of skilled craftsmen who make each guitar by hand. By manufacturing its guitars in multiple countries, Yamaha can maintain their high-quality standards while also meeting the demands of the global market.

Today, we’ll be discussing the different countries where Yamaha guitars are made and why Yamaha chose to produce their guitars in those countries. So if you’re curious about where your Yamaha guitar was made, read on!

Japan Is The Birthplace of Yamaha Guitars

Yamaha is a Japanese company known for manufacturing musical instruments, including guitars. The company was founded in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha as a manufacturer of reed organs. It started making guitars in 1946 at ”Hamamatsu”, a factory in Japan.

In 1966, Yamaha released its first Folk Acoustic Guitar, the FG180, followed by electric guitars, bass guitars, and amps. Yamaha also introduced the first classical guitar series in Japan in 1967.

Since its inception, Yamaha has become one of the leading manufacturers of guitars globally. The company offers a wide range of guitar models, from beginner to professional level.

Many famous guitarists have played Yamaha guitars over the years, including Steve Vai, John Petrucci, and Joe Satriani. Yamaha has also collaborated with well-known guitarists to create signature models, such as the Steve Vai JVM410HJS and the John Petrucci JP15.

If you’re looking for a high-quality guitar built to last, then Yamaha is a great choice.

Yamaha Guitars Are Made In a Variety of Countries

Yamaha Guitars Are Made In A Variety Of Countries

Yamaha acoustic guitars are made in a variety of countries. In addition to the United States and China, they are also made in Indonesia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. You can learn more about the worldwide Yamaha Musical Companies on their website.

I will talk about the first two countries here.

United States

The United States is home to Yamaha Guitar Group, located in Calabasas, California. The company employs around 100-120 people, and they produce more than 30,000 Yamaha acoustic guitars each year.

The United States is also home to Yamaha’s state-of-the-art Custom Shop, where some of the world’s most famous guitarists have their guitars made.


China is home to Hangzhou Yamaha Musical Instruments Company Ltd. The company has a state-of-the-art facility where 2,000 employees, trained by a Japanese master craftsman, produce more than 500,000 Yamaha acoustic guitars each year.

The Chinese factory also produces Yamaha’s entry-level F325 and F310 acoustic guitars.

Why Does Yamaha Produce Guitars In So Many Different Countries?

Why Does Yamaha Produce Guitars In So Many Different Countries?

Yamaha guitars are made in various countries, including the US, China, Indonesia, and Taiwan. There are several reasons behind this production strategy.

  • First, by manufacturing guitars in multiple countries, Yamaha can tap into each region’s local market knowledge and expertise. This helps to ensure that Yamaha guitars are designed and built to meet customers’ specific needs and preferences in each country.
  • In addition, by producing guitars in multiple countries, Yamaha can minimize shipping costs and lead times, which helps to keep prices competitive.
  • Finally, by manufacturing guitars in multiple countries, Yamaha is able to diversify its risks, ensuring that the company is not reliant on any one country for its production.

As a result of these benefits, Yamaha guitars are widely available and affordable for customers worldwide.


Yamaha is a well-known, high-quality guitar manufacturer with a long history. By manufacturing guitars in multiple locations, the company can tap into local market knowledge, minimize shipping costs and lead times, and diversify its risks.

If you’re looking for an acoustic or electric guitar that will last, then Yamaha is a brand to consider.

If you have any further questions about Yamaha guitars, please feel free to reach out to us. Leave us a comment, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to identify a real Yamaha guitar?

Look for the Yamaha name and logo printed on the headstock and the label inside the guitar. Also, check that the serial number on the guitar matches the one on the label. You should be able to find these near the soundhole label or the stamp inside the guitar.

Does Yamaha still make guitars in Japan?

Yes, Yamaha still handcrafts guitars in Japan. The 26 and 36 models are only made in Japan. All other Yamaha guitar models are made in other countries.