How Much Does a Guitar Setup Cost? (Updated Prices)

How Much Does A Guitar Setup Cost?

If you want your guitar to sound well, it would be necessary to go for a guitar setup from time to time. Even if you are getting a new guitar, there are chances that you might need a setup for it. But, what is a guitar setup, and how much does a guitar setup cost?

A guitar setup is tuning a guitar to its best settings. So, if you are going to have a guitar setup, it might cost you between $50 to $100 on average. The cost varies from guitar to guitar and depends on your guitar’s condition. But, if your guitar is in good condition with no damage, you might get its setup done for under $100.

So, if you find yourself interested in having a guitar setup, do not miss out on this article. Here we’ll introduce you to the basics of a guitar setup and things you must know before going for a guitar setup.

What Is a Guitar Setup?

A guitar setup is the adjustment of your guitar to the best possible settings.

It includes action adjustment, polishing, string replacement, fretboard leveling, bridge setup, saddle adjustment, guitar intonation, and more. So, whenever you feel your guitar sounding off, consult a technician. They will inspect and let you know whether your guitar needs a setup or not.

Importance of a Guitar Setup

Most beginner guitarists do not know that owning a guitar means taking proper care of its well-being. Beginners usually get a guitar, tune it and start playing music. However, that’s not how it works, at least how it should work.

Owning a guitar can be compared to owning a car. You don’t just hit the gas pedal and drive. You take it to the car wash, do maintenance, and change its tires. That’s exactly how you should treat your guitar as well.

Whether you are getting a new or used guitar, know that your guitar might require a setup.

You might not know, but a brand new guitar may also demand a proper setup before you start playing it. Your new guitar was on the shelves for months, and many people may have tested and tuned it according to their preferences.

So, there are chances that even your new guitar is not good enough to be played directly. It might have high action, a bent neck, or old strings.

So, if you already own a guitar or are about to get a new one, always ask a professional if your guitar needs a setup. If it does, take it to a guitar technician and let him do the needful. Doing this will help you enhance the quality of music produced and allow you to add a few more years to your guitar’s life.

Guitar Types and Their Setup Cost

With time, every guitar demands proper setup. The setup pattern for every guitar is almost the same, but the cost varies depending on the guitar type. So, below we will introduce you to various guitar types and their setup cost.

# Guitar Type Average Setup Cost
1 Acoustic guitar $40-$100 + strings
2 Semi-acoustic guitar $50-$100 + strings
3 Electric guitar $50-$100 + strings
4 Bass guitar $80-$120 + strings
5 Ukulele $50-$75 + strings

This is what different guitar setups will cost you. However, you need to know that these prices are for guitars in good condition with no damage. If you have an old damaged guitar, the setup cost will increase considerably.

When To Take a Guitar for a Setup

Well, there is no defined time to go for a guitar setup. However, if you are not enjoying playing your guitar and it feels hard to continue, I suggest you go for a guitar setup. However, if it’s still confusing, let us count some specific occasions when you should go for a guitar setup.

  • If you just purchased a guitar, either brand new or used.
  • If the action feels too high and your fingers hurt while playing for long.
  • Whenever you witness a sound change, and it does not solve by tuning.
  • If your guitar is damaged and you can’t play it.
  • When your frets start to buzz while playing.

Many indicators could mean it’s time for a setup, but the above five are those that you must not ignore and opt for a quick guitar setup.


Above, we have guided you about how much a proper guitar setup costs. Not only this, but we have also introduced you to the five indicators that could mean it’s time to take your guitar for a setup. However, if you are stuck anywhere, do not forget to let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a guitar setup worth spending money on?

No matter at what level you play and what type of guitar you own, a guitar setup is what you must not miss. If you want your guitar to play proper music, you will have to go for a guitar setup twice a year. It is as essential as an oil change for a vehicle.

How often should you opt for a guitar setup?

There is no defined time to go for a guitar setup, but many experts suggest having it twice a year. However, we would suggest you first gauge the condition of your guitar, consult an expert and if it needs a setup, go for it and if not, enjoy playing quality music.

Can I do a guitar setup at home?

For this, the answer is yes and no. One can do a guitar setup at home, but for this, you require some tools and a lot of experience. With no experience and proper tools, you will ruin your guitar. So, we would suggest you avoid doing a guitar setup at home unless you have expertise in it.