How Much Does a Good Guitar Cost? (Ultimate Guide)

How Much Does A Good Guitar Cost?

One of the ways to fully master the guitar is by owning a guitar. It doesn’t matter how deep you are into music theories or how many tutorial videos you watch before sleep; your learning process will be slow and tiring without owning a guitar. 

Buying your first guitar is one of the coolest experiences in your life. The joy of owning one is unrivaled, and that’s why the guitar-buying process is usually lengthy and cautious, the instrument will be a part of a person’s musical journey, and no one wants to end up with a guitar they don’t like. But among the many questions, people ask when they plan to get a guitar, the most common is the cost.

So how much is a good guitar?

Generally, a good mid-range guitar cost between $200 – $500. Some guitars cost way less, but if you’re looking for a guitar with functional hardware, a good neck, decent electronics, and solid acoustics, it should be in the $200 – $500 range.

However, there’s more to guitar prices than the $200 – $500 range. Here we’ll disclose all you need to know about the right guitar price and things you need to watch out for when purchasing one. 

How Much Should You Pay for a Guitar

How Much Should You Pay For A Guitar

If you’re planning to buy a guitar, you must first understand the music you want to play with it. Buying a guitar that fits your style of music will help you grow as an artist. 

Your level of expertise is also a defining factor. Here we’ll break the cost of guitars into three categories.

Basic Learners Guitar 

If you are new to the guitar, you will most likely want to get a guitar in the $100 – $500 range. The prices vary based on the brand name, additional accessories, and quality of materials.

Despite the price, guitars in this price category should be made of quality wood like spruce or rosewood. The guitar should also be built so it’s comfortable for anyone, no matter the skill level, to play.

For guitars in the $100 – $200 range, components like the tuning pegs, saddle, and nut are not so high-quality. But most of them have provisions for upgrades. You can switch most of the original components for better ones as you go forward.

Guitars in the $300 – $500 range are more mature. They have classy tuning gears and multiple wood layers and generally feel better. Sometimes, guitars in this range come with onboard electronics like tuners and pickup systems.

Editor’s Comment

It’s advisable to buy a guitar as a full package. A complete guitar package should contain a case, a tuner, strings, cases, and straps. The guitar package will prepare you for almost everything you’ll encounter in your guitar journey.

Mid-Level Guitars

Above the basic learner’s range is the mid-level range, with prices as low as $500 and as high as $1500. 

Despite the price change, the differences between the two ranges are minute. But as you grow in guitar playing, the mid-level guitars will help with your style and technique.

Also, for guitars in this range, onboard electronics are a must. They are even more advanced with built-in effects and equalizers.

However, the most important thing to note about these guitars is the presence of better cutaway shapes. Beginners will probably not understand the importance of this since they mostly play close to the guitar’s headstock. 

For professionals, the increased cutaway shape provides an easier way to access the guitar’s entire fretboard. Allowing for a more diverse sound.

High-Level Guitars

Guitars above the mid-level category are artisan-made and very expensive. These types of guitars are made by professional luthiers who spend time designing and crafting the instrument.

Vintage guitars also fall into this category. It’s generally believed that guitars produce better sounds as they age, so aged and artisan-made guitars are usually very expensive.

How To Buy a Good Guitar at a Low Price

How To Buy A Good Guitar At A Low Price

Do you have your mindset on a good guitar but can’t afford it because it exceeds your budget? Worry not; there are some ways you can get that guitar or other good ones at a lower price.

For starters, buying a used guitar is cheaper than buying a new one. Various sites allow you to buy used guitars, and you can even search for sellers within your location. This will allow you to meet up with them and inspect the guitar yourself.

If you are not a fan of used guitars, you can wait for a good sale and grab the opportunity. Regularly monitor the guitar in case the sellers decide to sell it at a discount.

The Bottom Line

When buying a guitar, your budget will determine the quality you’ll get. Luckily, you can get a good guitar for a fair price.

The average guitar costs about $100-$500. This type is perfect if you are new in the guitar business and will help you master the basics. It will also hone your skills and guide you to professionalism.

Mid-level guitars are good, even better than the entry guitars, but in the end, an average listener won’t be able to differentiate between the two sounds. Though they have features like an increased cutaway shape that help players explore more of the guitar, you won’t be missing a lot with an entry guitar.

Lastly, if you can’t afford a brand new guitar, there are many used guitars that can help. You can also watch out for discount sales and take advantage. But whatever you do, ensure you love the instrument because that’s frankly the most important aspect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth buying a good guitar?

Saving up to buy a good guitar is totally worth it. Good guitars produce better sound and will help you grow faster in quality and style of play.

Is it advisable to buy a used guitar?

There’s no harm in buying a used guitar. However, you need to make sure the guitar’s ok before buying. If possible, physically checkout the guitar before the purchase